How To Wear Boyfriend Models From Women’s Collections?

There are a lot of fashion trends, which can sound really strange for those who haven’t heard about them before. For example, boyfriend-style clothes. What does it mean? Should a woman wear men’s clothes in a special way to look trendy? Of course, not. But in order not to be mistaken with the topic we are going to tell a bit more of it together with the experts of Cattifly.

So, what does the term boyfriend-style clothes include? If we try to give a maximum short definition, it’ll be something extremely simple and elegant, may be with certain proportions reminding of men’s wardrobe. According to Cattifly, straight-cut white shirts in their classical interpretation or maybe with a bit asymmetric front and back are the best examples of the kind. Right, most women say such items look like if you couldn’t find your clothes in the morning and put your partner’s shirt instead. But how great they work! In combinations with formal pants and rebellious jeans, sexy skirts and luxurious jumpsuits. Isn’t it enough?

The guys from Cattifly explain: boyfriend-style clothes are the best option in case you want to emphasize your natural beauty and activate your women’s power. Why? Because in this kind of models you don’t have to use additional secret weapons like cute accessories, eye-catching makeup or tight-fitting details of the outfit. Haven’t you noticed how men usually look at women passing by in extremely simple boyfriend models? In most cases they can’t stop staring at the ladies and can’t even understand why. The answer is obvious – we always strive for pure forms, lines and images. Subconsciously. They are more captivating than artificially made-up ones.

Moreover, not only white shirts appear in the category of boyfriend-style clothes. The experts of Cattifly say square-shoulder jackets and coats, which are among the must-haves of 2018, are also here. If you think the models are not romantic enough, you are wrong. Just add a flattering silk dress, wide-leg trousers with a sequined sheer top or a jumpsuit with an open back – and here comes a very tender outfit suitable for the fans of girlish tricks. Yes, such contrary details can be matched. And even should be combined if to be more precise. Contrasts are a very powerful tool used by modern fashion in different cases.

According to Cattifly, dad sneakers and the new trend of wedding sneakers are other vivid examples of so called boyfriend-style stuff. If you are afraid of wearing such questionable items only, feel free to mix them with very feminine dresses. This will give you a chance to enjoy both stylish and at the same time comfy outfits considered fashionable this year.

Are you with us? Do you have any boyfriend-style clothes in your wardrobe to tell us about?